U3O8     SPOT: $50.25 US/lb     LONG TERM: $53.00 US/lb    Co    Weekly close: $51,955 US/mt

U3O8     SPOT: $50.25 US/lb     LONG TERM: $53.00 US/lb    Co    Weekly close: $51,955 US/mt

Provision of the Award

One student award of $2,500 will be paid annually directly to a post-secondary institution, considered a “qualified donee” by Canada Revenue Agency and the Income Tax Act, to cover such items as tuition, books, lab fees, or residence costs.  The award cannot be used by the recipient to cover any costs related to academic research.

The Scholarship recipient will not receive the scholarship funds directly as a cheque.  Instead, UEX Corporation, on behalf of the Scholarship Committee, will deposit the Scholarship funds directly to the account of the recipient at the post-secondary institution that they will be attending the following fall.

General Information on the Scholarship

The Scholarship was established in 2021 in honour of Colin Macdonald by the UEX Board of Directors to recognize Colin’s formative contributions to the uranium exploration industry in Saskatchewan, his key role as a founding Director of UEX Corporation, and his long and outstanding contribution to the Company over his tenure as Director, which included several years as Chair of the Board.

The UEX Board of Directors passed a resolution in August, 2021 under which UEX will provide $2,500 annually fund the scholarship and will cover any additional costs associated with managing the scholarship and the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee will be comprised of UEX’s Executive Officers and one UEX employee representative. 

The Scholarship will be awarded annually in August. 

Eligibility of Candidates:

  1. Candidates shall possess a degree in geology or geological engineering and intend to pursue or are currently pursuing post-graduate studies at a Canadian university (at the Masters or Ph.D level) in geology or geological engineering, with a preferred focus on mineral exploration.  Candidates will have a minimum of six months remaining to complete their studies to be considered eligible.  

  2. Candidates shall clearly demonstrate their preference to continue their professional career in the mineral exploration industry upon completing their current post-graduate degree program.  Candidates currently pursing or who are contemplating continuing onto post-doctoral studies will not be eligible for the Scholarship.  Candidates may be asked to show evidence of their intention to work in the exploration industry upon graduation before being considered for the award.

  3. Candidates with permanent residency in Canada will be given preference by the Scholarship Committee. Canadian residents may complete their post-graduate studies at any Canadian university to retain their preferred status

  4. While the Scholarship Committee shall use the above criteria to determine who is eligible for the award, the final decision is at the discretion of the Committee.  The Committee reserves the right to modify the terms and criteria under which the eligibility of candidates are judged at any time.

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